Música Alternativa “Heavy Things Do Move” Album Review

“A world full of delicate and delicious soundscapes… One of the most beautiful albums of 2018.”

The Next Gig “Heavy Things Do Move” Album Review

“Beautifully arranged songs, in which peace and splendor go hand in hand with [the] details of the wind instruments.”

Star Tribune Minneapolis upstarts Sister Species, Lena Elizabeth pair their album releases Thursday at the Cedar

“A small army of horn players -- including many members of McNasty Brass -- … add even more bounce and beauty to their harmonies and evocative lyrics, the results of which at times variously recall Feist and My Brightest Diamond.”

City Pages (interview) - “Sister Species’ ‘Heavy Things Do Move’ is a beautiful group therapy session”

“Heavy Things Do Move brims with the maturity and perspective of musicians who understand their power and purpose.”

“Heavy Things Do Move addresses a list of afflictions that reads like a government-mandated disclaimer. Anxiety, loss, intimacy, desire, depression, and exhaustion—heavy things, as the title would have it—are all cited in the album’s press material. But these are not clinical side effects or emotional boogeymen. These are hellscapes that have been conquered.”

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“Heavy Things Do Move promises to be an introspective and deeply emotional work, in the trappings of a buoyantly vibrant collection of tunes. “


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“Sister Species specializes in quirk-folk of the golden pomegranate variety, with tight-knit harmonies, surprising accordion tones, and a three-piece trumpet section.”


What The Sound - Top 50 Albums 2016

”Minneapolis-based sisters Abby and Emily Kastrul stunned us this summer when they released Closer Now, a sweet-sounding 9-song album consisting of brass, accordion, double bass, and a whole lot of love. We’re hoping the curators of Eaux Claires pick up their hype and book this 7-piece orchestral pop group this year. Our favorite track is “Jacob’s Ladder” and you should definitely tune in if you like Fiona Apple, Dark Dark Dark, or Phox.”

Música Alternativa - “Closer Now” Album Review

“Fantastic orchestration. An absolutely warm and luminous sound.”

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